Hi, my name is Trevor Gruehn.  I love coffee and I’d like to help you and your business make better coffee.

I’ve been working in the coffee world for the past 9 years.  During that time I’ve held many positions from barista to roastery production team member, educator, and more.

My area of expertise is the cafe.

During my time in the coffee industry, I’ve competed in multiple competitions.  These include The Big Central Regional Barista Competition and the United States Brewers Cup.  I’m a Level 2 Barista as certified by the Barista Guild of America as well as a credentialed examiner.  Additionally, I’m a Lead Instructor for the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

As Variable Coffee, I help clients with everything from quality control to holistic inception-to-opening cafe consulting.

As baristas, we are the final link in a lengthy supply chain that begins at a distant farm.  There are countless individuals involved in the production and handling of coffee before it reaches the cafe, but the responsibility of preparing and presenting that coffee falls solely on our shoulders.

Variable Coffee embodies the idea that ‘good enough’ is not an endgame.